Still having font trouble with 2.0

• Nov 6, 2014 - 04:31

This score was created in 1.3, but I have loaded it in to 2.0 with hopes of easier editing. So far the text editing has not worked. I want to change the size of the Instrument text in the score (you will notice that String Bass and Percussion 1 parts have a different font size. This is because I added those parts later at a different scaling). I have tried:

1) Selecting "Text" from the "Style" menu
2) Changing the font size for "Instrument Name (Long)"
3) Click "Apply"
4) Nothing happens


1) Right-click an instrument name and "Select -> All Similar Elements"
2) Right-click and select "Text Properties"
3) Changing the font size for "Instruments Name (Long)"
4) Click "Apply"
5) Nothing happens

I understand that it is supposed to be possible to change font sizes after instruments are created in 2.0, whereas it was impossible in 1.3. Is it because this score was created in 1.3 that I am having trouble? I would like all of my instrument text to be the same size.

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In a word, yes.

In more words: 1.3 "bakes in" font information into most text, which is why style changes don't take effect if made after the text is created. And once that font info is baked in, 2.0 won't mess it it either. However, if you go to staff properties, you can see that "baked in" font info and remove it manually. Or, just delete the old text and type new text. Or, use "Change Instrument" to change the instrument, and select the same instrument again. The name will be reset automatically back to the default.

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