ties across measures

• Dec 16, 2009 - 22:53

I've been having some difficulty with making ties across measures

it seems when I select a note and press '+' (in Linux: shift '=')
nothing happens -- sometimes
the behavior is intermittent and occurred after a crash
which was caused by trying to insert a measure after deleting one
after it crashed I restarted MuseScore
and that's when I started experiencing this wonky behavior with the ties across barlines

also it seems that when I have a bar ending on F and make it an F#
then try to tie to a F natural in the next bar
is also has difficulty making the tie

and I sometimes have trouble changing a tied F note across a bar into an F#
on both sides

sorry if I'm not being clear

what am I doing wrong?


It is not possible to tie between an F sharp and an F natural since they are two different pitches. If you haven't already, take a look at these instructions: Tie .

Are you using MuseScore 0.9.5? The behavior is a little different depending on whether you are in note input mode or not.

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right I understand that a tie has to be btwn an F# and another F#
or it would be a slur
and I've read the instructions and the online notes

but would there be a (better) proper behavior for
attempting to tie between an F# and another F starting a new measure?

rather than having to sharp both physically before tying the two
which seems like a lot of mouse clicks

let's say I make an F note ending a measure
make another F starting a new measure
sharp the first
then tie the two
automatically making the second one also F#

and you _can_ do this:
take the F# ending a measure which is tied to another F# in a new bar and move the second note to a G (for example)
the tie does not disappear
or does it turn into a slur?

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