flipping ties/slurs, beams and tuplet lines

• Dec 16, 2009 - 23:15

is there a way to flip a tie, a slur a beam and/or a tuplet line?


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great thanks for the tip :)

but alas there doesn't seem to be a way to flip the tuplet line separately from the beam

so let's say you have three eighth notes as a triplet in a measure
and the tuplet tie is on top
but you want to place it along the bottom of the triplet

there is no way to do this without flipping the beam along with the triplet beam

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assuming you want the tuplet bracket on the opposite side of the beam: alternatively select the beam itself and flip it then the first notehead and flip it. one or another sequence like that should give you the tuplet bracket on the opposite side of the beam.

also note that you can right click on the tuplet bracket itself and change the properties of the tuplet.

note: on further experimentation, I'm not sure this is a systematic solution as this does NOT work for unbeamed tuplets. You can however DRAG the tuplet bracket to wherever you like it.

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