Somehtings funky in bar 30

• Nov 8, 2014 - 13:13

Hi, in this score whatever I do, musescore doesn't play some notes in bar 30. I have deleted and rewritten the bar, pasted, tried dynamics... Makes me wonder whether I accidentally discovered a feature in musescore 1.3 :)

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Which notes are you having trouble hearing? They all seem to play for me as far as I can tell. So apparently you are using 1.3; what soundfont?

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The notes I couldn't hear were random, but always in the same bar. I have a similar section where I just copied that bar over and it appeared there too. Now it plays back fine! I am sure musescore didn't play the notes. Soundfont is Trombone_JL. I will now download the old version and listen again, but since 1.3 isnt fixed anymore anyway and the bug seems to be uncommon, its rather pointless to report a bug.
2.0 is now compiling on my new fedora box btw :)

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