mutiple time signatures in same score for different instruments

• Nov 8, 2014 - 19:35

I have a piece of music I am transposing for my band and I am unable to complete the score as one single score. I have tried to use multiple scores but the measures do not line up when manipulated with PDF files.

I am trying to rewrite a score that has several instruments playing in the time of 3/4, while others instruments are using 6/8 time.

Also there is a part where 2/4 and 6/8 are used in the same measures.

Can you give me some guidance in how to do this either in a single score or how to line up the measures.

I have tried using the set measure size in the main set up menu, but it overlaps the page breaks and causes the score to not display correctly when trying to fit over 11 measures/page.

I have been using your program for about 4 years and it has worked in all the other occasions except in this instance.

Paul W Hewitt Sr


Hi Paul

I think it's local time signatures you are looking for? If so, it has been implemented for the next version, 2.0 (see upcoming handbook ). It's in beta though, so I wouldn't recommend using it for serious work.

Best you can do in 1.3 is to fake it:

Hide some time signature.
Make "fake" ones using [Ctrl]t and inserting a 6 and then another [Ctrl]t and insert an 8, make them size 15, make them bold.
Use triplets and doublets/couplets to make the notes match the time signature.
Select all your tuplets and hide the numbers.

Hard work, I'm afraid.

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