Title question--beta 2.0

• Nov 9, 2014 - 02:31

On parts with 2 or more pages, how can I add the title of the piece so as to avoid confusion when handing out those pages? Can it be done automatically? I know I can add a staff text to each and every page, but it is time consuming and I tend to forget! I have read all kinds of support stuff, but I can not find an answer.
Thanks in advance!


You want the total to show up on every page?
You could add a vertical frame and in that add the title, or your could use the header and have it print the meta tag :title:

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Go to Style → Common... → Header, Footer, Numbers
Enable headers
put a "$:workTitle:" into one of the fields, untick even/odd
hit OK

If nothing shows up go to File → Info and fill the field workTitle

For a 2 page document:

First: Layout - Page Settings. Then go under even page options and adjust the top margin. Bring it down as low as you want.

Then: Create - Text - (System or staff text). You'll have to choose a note or rest to link it to, but you can put it wherever you want.

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