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• Dec 19, 2009 - 19:19


I don't know what happened.

I had written out almost all of a lead sheet for The Song is You. All that remained was to add more of the changes. I had resized the page to fit the score properly. I had saved numerous times.

As I was closing another program, my computer froze, and after trying everything else I had to do a hard reboot. Ctrl-Alt-Del had had no effect.

I reloaded MS and the file for the song didn't load???
I found it and tried to load it but nothing comes up but the tab where it shouls be.

I tried loading the backup copy, but no go.

Can you read these?


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Steps to fix files with this problem:

  1. Change the file extension from .mscz to .zip (for example "Johns Steps.mscz" becomes "Johns
  2. Uncompress the zip file
  3. Open the .mscx file using a good text editor (for example "Johns Steps.mscx"
  4. Remove the offending line. (The line number is usually given by MuseScore when you try to open the file)

(Update: attached is the corrected file. I uploaded the wrong one initially.)

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I don't understand.

I changed the file name to .zip
I unpacked it.
I tried to load the file (.mscx) and was given a line number.
I opened the file in notepad++ and deleted the offending line and saved it.
When I then tried to open it in MS, i was given another error with a different line.??

Also, just so I understand, basically the jazzchord font is not available in the latest prerelease?


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You need to remove line 13 as the warning says. Not sure which line you removed the first time. The file opens in MuseScore after you remove the contents of line 13.

This problem will happen every time you set to jazzchord in prerelease r. 2451.

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I have discovered that it also happens when you go to Text style and try to change the font size.


EDIT: with these 2 things changed, the font size and the jazzchords, even when I follow the instructions for recovery and remove the offending line, MS still opens a blank score.

I attach the file renamed zip for you inspection.


EDIT: It may be germane that I altered the size 1st.

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The file is indeed empty. I opened the mscx file with a text editor and there is no note or instrument information in the file. Could you post the backup copy as well? (the one that starts with a dot and ends with a comma).

Did your score have any music at one point? If it did then please see if you can reproduce the bug using the sames steps on a new file.

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I had made another score and I guess I hadn't closed MS before starting it. I made no alterations to it in terms of fonts, and it seemed to save and be there okay. However, after MS crashed after trying this file. with the snare tuplets problem, I rebooted MS and that 2nd score was also gone.

So, once those changes have been made, all the next scores also seem to be affected.

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