Chants de Noêl [Vcelle et Piano]

• Nov 1, 2008 - 23:54

Voici des adaptations de chants de Noël pour violoncelle (ma spécialité) et piano. J'ai voulu ces arrangements très faciles pour permettre au plus grand nombre de les jouer ! (Bien entendu ; libre de droit et d'adaptation)

les Anges dans nos Campagnes :

Leise rieselt der Schnee :

Stille Nacht / Douce Nuit


Hi Cello,

I can read French, but my writing is better in English. So permit me to answer in English.

Regarding distribution sheet music made with MuseScore, I would propose two things:

  1. You can attach MuseScore files to a forum post: above the save button, you will see 'File Attachements'. Click on it and attach one by one the files you wish to share. By files I mean, the sources (msc or xml) and perhaps the pdf files.
  2. But before you upload your work, add a license in the sheet music which clearly states what other people can so with it.: right click on your score, select Text -> Copyright.
    reading your original post, I presume the official license that would fit you most is the Creative Commons Attribution License. However, if you wish another one, consult the creative commons website and select the license which fits you most.
    Finally, when you uploaded it, also mention the license in the post.

One last thing, I think we might need to consider a dedicated forum container to share sheet music made, instead of using the Documentation forum. What do you think? Will be you be sharing other sheet music as well? Or is this a one time event?

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