space at the bottom of single-page pdf score

• Nov 13, 2014 - 00:56

I have a song with treble and base clef on one page
(I want it on one page) with system distance 2.2sp and
in the view on MuseScore, the system distance is smaller
than I would like and not much space at the bottom.
When I convert it to .pdf the and print, the space at
the bottom is about 7/8 inch. Is there any way to
divide about 2/3 of that into the distance between systems.


Well, 2.2sp is *tiny* for system distance. I am not understanding why you set it so low if you would like the distance larger? If you psot the score you having problems with, we can understand better what is going on. But I can suggest in general, set the bottom margin however you like, then set the page fill threshold (style / edit general style / page) low enough to make sure MuseScore does actually try to fill the page, which will spread the space evenly.

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