Bagpipe Embellishments and Grace Notes

• Nov 15, 2014 - 21:56

I'm new to this forum and have used Musescore for Mac a wee bit (have put together 3 scores for bagpipes).

I have read that there is some sort of Bagpipe Palette available or some feature to make it easier to enter embellishments such as grips, strikes, doublings, but I can't find how to turn it on.

I have been simply using grace notes and have made them 50% of the size of norma notes so that the score looks like typical bagpipe score, but I am finding it a little awkward to edit, but also the ledger line for the high A is not visible through the note. I have tried playing with a variety of settings, but the ledger line is not clear for this note.

I am looking for suggestions and ideas how I can increase the ledger line width as well as pointers to where to find (or use) the bagpipe palette.

Thank you


The bagpipe embellishment palette will be in MuseScore 2.0. You can preview and test the feature by installing a Beta or Nightly build (it won't mess up your current installation), using thr Download menu at right of this page.

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That did the trick. The Bagpipe palette is great, albeit very long. I created my own palettes that represents subsets of the bigpipe pallete: 1 for doublings, 1 for grace notes, and the other for grips, throws, etc.

There does seem to be some sort of bug that when you copy a palette object to a new palette, the "popup" (hover) description of that particular object (e.g., doubling) is lost.

Thank you. I have created a few scores from my band.

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