Changing Key Signature removes some "Voice 2" notes.

• Nov 17, 2014 - 21:58

So I'm shorting my measure from 63/1 to something like 8/1. In this measure, I use 3 voices. When doing so: the notes of Voice 1 remain & its rest is removed (which is desired). However, I loose the last voice 2 note (that was under the last voice 1 note) and now I cant place a voice 2 note there.

What is does is allow me to place (and replace) a 2nd note for voice 2 in the previous beat.

Voice 1 has 33 beats/measure and more can be added.
Voice 2 & 3 seem limited to 32 beats/measure.

Why? How?

  • I'm copying a lot of music from a booklet, note-by-note, page-by-page.
  • Most of the music does not use measures so I'm using the "63/1" workaround, then copy/paste to seperate measures so it's not all crampt, and then re-sizing the measure down to something around 8/1 or so (depending).
  • I'm dealing with the first measure.
  • For every note in voice 1, there is an identical note (different pitch) in voice 2 (so I would expect to be able to place a Voice 2 note under the Voice 1 note, being at an identical beat).
  • Now, if I enlarge the measure (adding unnessassary white-space), I still can no longer add notes to voice 2.
  • Voice 3 is acting like voice 2.


Hello! In order to help, we need more information -

- What version of MuseScore, and what OS?
- Please attach a copy of the score you are having problems with (the actual MSCZ file)
- Deswcribe step by step what you are doing, what you expect to see, what you see instead

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- MuseScore 1.3 r5702, Linux Ubuntu 14.04
- File Now Attached ;)
- Instructions:

  1. First, have a look at the last 3 notes of the first measure (ensure note-input mode is OFF). You will see, the 2nd to last beat in the measure to be Voice 1 (blu) & Voice 2 (grn) and the last beat is only Voice 1 quarter note.
  2. Now, try adding a Voice 2 quarter-note to the very last beat.
  3. It will not let me place any note for voice 2 (or 3) here in the last beat of measure 1. Instead, it allows a second Voice 2 note in the 2nd-to-last beat which confuses me.


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It appears you deleted the rests that normally would have been present at the end of the measure for those voices. Once the rests are deleted, you cannot get that back except by a special trick: select the measure(s), exchange the problem with voice 1 (eg, Edit / Voices / Exchange / 1-2, then exchange back. Now voice 2 is "complete" with rests added back. Do the same for voice 3 as necessary.

EDIT: no, I get it now - you probably didn't delete the rests; they were not added automatically for you (except in voice 1) when you enlarged the measure.

I'd consider that a bug, and it's still present in the current development version, so I have filed it as such: #39496: Voices 2-4 not padded with rests when lengthening a measure

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