Incorrect import of XML chords

• Dec 29, 2009 - 01:42
S4 - Minor
won't fix

In measure 2 of the attached XML file there are two eighth notes on beat 4 on the bass clef that occur at the same time as a quarter note chord. The first eighth note is being absorbed into the quarter note chord on XML import instead of being recognized as a separate note. The same thing happens in several other measures of the song. I am using the latest nightly build.

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The MusicXML file is not correct. The notes on the second staff in measure 2 are all on the same voice if you read the MusicXML.
This measure opens fine with Finale. MuseScore can be made smarter to deal with this case and all the bad MusicXML files in the world but it will not encourage other software packages to respect good practices on export.

There is no software tag in your MusicXML. Which software did you use to generate it?

I have been working on a small program to translate a very old file format to MusicXML. I have changed the XML generation so that it outputs multiple voices. I think a previous version of MuseScore I had could only handle four voices? This file will open in Finale Notepad. For some reason opening the file crashes MuseScore. If I export from Finale Notepad after importing it doesn't crash on import into MuseScore. I don't know exactly why the file crashes MuseScore, but the file probably isn't 100% correct.

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Compare your original musicxml file with the exported one. This will reveal the differences.

MuseScore is rather strict on MusicXML import. If something is not according to the standards, it will fail. Currently it fails rather nastily (crash), so this can surely be improved in MuseScore.
Sibelius & Finale both accept MusicXML files which are not compliant with the best practices. MuseScore does not wish to follow the same path so it pushes MusicXML developers to create fully compliant MusicXML files. See this recent example with NoteFlight MusicXML.

Is your program open source?

Two issues I spot in your musicXML file.

  1. The division changes every measure. If you take a look to Finale (or MuseScore) output you will see that division is often fixed for the whole score
  2. The chord element is the last one in "note" element. Finale expects it to be first. I guess it's why it complains on import.