Is it possible to disable automatic control for bar duration?

• Jan 6, 2010 - 15:20

Hi all,

I just started using Musescore, and I'm having problems trying to modify note duration values. For example, I have a bar where a 8th needs to be changed to 16th, and another 8th needs a dot. If I change the first note, a 16th rest is added, if I change the second, a third note 16th long is removed.
Is there no way to at least temporarily disable this feature?
Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I searched for an answer without luck.

Thanks in advance and bye



In current versions of MuseScore there is no way to work around the fact that measures keep strict time.

If your goal is to change two eighth notes next to each other into a dotted eighth and sixteen then just select the first eighth note and click on the augmentation dot to lengthen the first and shorten the next.

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