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• Dec 7, 2014 - 07:55

Sometimes at the beginning of a stave, there is information.


To achieve this currently, I use stave text based on note elements and move its position, but I don't think this is ideal, as it doesn't look good in other environments (e.g. the mobile app).

Do Sibelius and even MusicXML offer a native solution? If there isn't/won't be, maybe we could provide an 'Anchor to beginning' (or whatever) option in the 'Inspector' - MuseScore would always know how to process the layout.

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Internally, we already have an option sort of like that - we use it for segno, coda, etc. It forces the element to align based on its "parent". This works for repeat text because their parent is the measure. It wouldn't work for staff text, at least not directly, because the parent of a staff text is not the measure - it's the "segment" (basically, the beat to which it is attached). But yeah, a way to expose this mechanism and make it more generally useful would be nice.

Meanwhile, though, I suspect most people in msot programs do just use the equivalent of staff text and manual positioning. When I've wanted this, I've set the alginment to right justified to avoid the need to for manual adjustment, or at least make it so a fixed constant adjustmenmt works for all text, but it of curse doens't end up left justified like your example.

But I just thought of a nice workaround for 2.0. There is already special casing for rehearsal marks to make them align with the beginning of a measure if they are attached to the first beat. So, add a rehearsal mark, then change its text style to Staff or whatever else you prefer. Works great, if non-obvious.

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Ah, you are right. I would say you can remove the "system" flag from the text style, but unfortunately, this too is special-cased for rehearsal marks.

if you want a new feature, go ahead and file the feature request. Could be a new type of text element, could be a flag of some sort in text style to force any given item to lay out relative to the measure, not sure how it would best be implemented. You don't have to figure that out to file the request though.

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