small notes

• Dec 14, 2014 - 12:39

I downloaded musescore 2 beta 1. I'm very impressed. It's a wonderful program.
But I dindn't find the possibility for entering small notes (as a hint, what an other instrument is playing).
Didn't I just find it, or isn't it possible?


Use the Inspector - menu item: View / Inspector. (The keyboard shortcut is F8.)
There, under Note, you will find a checkbox labelled 'Small'.



In the inspector you can change the setting of a single note to small note.
Is there an opportunity to do this for more notes at ones?

By selecting several notes the inspector changes to element group but has no option anymore to set the notes to small.

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I got tired of needing a workaround, so in the current builds, you will now see a "Select" section at the bottom of the Insepctor when a range is selected, with buttons "Notes" and "Rests" to allow you do reduce the selection to just notes or just rests. So no need to document workarounds (clever as they are!) - just document those buttons.

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