Advice for two songs on same page

• Dec 17, 2014 - 04:11

So I have two short pieces which I would like to fit into the same document, with a Vbox before each one. Adding a Vbox isn't a problem. The problem is, this is with my own lead sheet style, where I have "create clef for all systems" and "create key sig. for all systems" unchecked. So I would like to add a clef on the first line after the Vbox, and only there. I could have all the clefs, and set the ones I don't want invisible, but then there would be a blank space at the beginning of most lines.

The other thing is, I want to change the key signature for the second piece, but it appears with the cancelling naturals and new flats on the last line of the first piece...before the Vbox.

Is there a way to have two pieces on the same page?


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Right click the key / time signature whose courtesy signature you wish to hide, and a menu appears giving you that option. That is, right click the key signature in the new section, and you get an option to hide the courtesy signature at the end of the previous section. Doing it this way means it is not just invisible, but goes away completely.

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