Lag while entering notes in a score

• Dec 18, 2014 - 04:00

While entering notes in a score I noticed a sudden lag spike that creates a delay of about two seconds from the time the command for a note is entered and the time it plays. I'm using windows eight and musescore 1.3. I have tested this problem on other scores and it develops between measure 20 and 30 consistently. It should not be a problem of memory or RAM because there is over 80% of the hard drive open. Any suggestions?


Response time is proportional to the length of the score. So especially large scores will behave as you describe. If you don't think that's it, you could post the score you are having problems with and others can see if they can reproduce the issue.

Firstly, heed Marc's advice re score size, if it is 10 or more instruments with 100's of measures, yes you will have memory issues dependent on your computer.
Secondly, hard drive space has no effect on Musescore, you should be looking at internal computer memory, the RAM, and how much of that is being used, also, what other programs have you open and running at the same time as Musescore, these will also be taking up RAM resourses.
I am running XPpro/sp3 with 4 Gb of RAM, adequate for my needs, but Musescore file size, plus other programs running will have an adverse effect of Musescore reaction time.
A upload of your score would definately help.

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