Gootville 1.0 - "New" SMuFL font for MuseScore 2.0

• Dec 18, 2014 - 23:32

So... Gootville SMuFL 1.0 is a "new" font for MuseScore 2.0... bla, bla...

- all glyphs designed by me :D
- original name of font :D
- SMuFL :D

Real changes:
- sizes of glyphs in GootvilleText: codas, pedals, etc.


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Ok, thanks: lasconic, Thomas and Jojo-Schmitz. Maybe the name is stupid but... is similar to Gonville and associate with original name.


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I'll issue an one update to this font (before Christmas). I have a good idea to fix problems with noteflags, so this problem will be fixed by me. Question to You, lasconic - which glyph is used by MuseScore as serif tablature clef?


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It will be a fix for Gootville font(s) - in current week or at the beginning of the next week.
I see that someone used "the folding" dynamics... Nice, right... but this is a new (annoying) task for me...

I'll write when the patch will be ready for download.


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Gootville with full-dynamics-support is ready for download from my OneDrive.

Updated files:
- Gootville.otf
- GootvilleText.otf

Now glyphs...
- pppppp
- ppppp
- pppp
- ppp
- pp
- mp
- mf
- pf
- ff
- fff
- ffff
- fffff
- ffffff
- fp
- fz
- sf
- sfp
- sfpp
- sfz
- sfzp
- sffz
- rf
- rfz
...are supported by Gootville.otf and GootvilleText.otf.

Please add updated fonts to repo.


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Thanks for PR, Jojo-Schmitz. I think that now should be without any problems :D Otherwise, You'll write a new post here - I'll try to fix it, etc. - a known procedure.


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On my computer works correctly:
- my OS: Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9926 64-bit PL,
- MuseScore build: MuseScoreNightly-2015-02-16-1808-c0a13fc.

This problem is on Your computers, my Dears. On my computer everything works correctly. I exported this score to PDF and I opened in FontForge - Date: 16-2-2015 - the newest compilation...

GootevilleText.otf???!!! - font name is: GootvilleText.otf... Where You have "E" in filename - Your typo or Your joke? Very poor joke... :D On my OneDrive name is correct...

And something else - Why the newest Nighly is displaying this font correctly? On the screenshot You have build number...


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Dear Thomas and MuseScore Team...

Please do not inform me about errors/bugs/typos resulting from Your side. I respect my time and I expect respect of my time from You.
Please also keep Your standard of translations, etc.

For rectification:
1. I'm not MuseScore user - I'm NoteWorthy Composer and Finale user. And I've licenses for these programs.
2. I'm not Gootville, Jazzy and other MuseScore fonts user - I've my commercial and created by me fonts.
3. MuseScore is my hobby only. Hobby - not bringing me any money from all my hobbies...

Dear MuseScore Team, I'm 26 years old and I'm too old for these games. However, I play chess very well...

Thanks for reading and greetings to You, Thomas and MuseScore Team,

"The font is finished, the translation is finished, so - goodbye, Gootector."(?)
I've a feeling that You are not satisfied with my help for MuseScore...

Personal question to You, Thomas - What was so unprofessional in my post? - I said that was the joke? Please, let's be serious in some cases.

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It's the usual problem that it is sometimes hard to determine whether something written is a joke or not. I certainly took what you said as a joke, and it didn't seem unprofessional to me, but someone else may see it differently. It probably doesn't help that for many people English is a second language. It's hard enough to understand what people mean when both writer and reader are using their first language.

So I don't think anyone meant to offend anyone, and I am sure your efforts to improve MuseScore are very much appreciated, Gootector.

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And I wanted to introduce lock down the borders, sanctions, embargo... :D

Seriously: I understand everything - bad day, moodiness... but I don't understand one thing - So why do these situations arise? I hope that situations such as these will not reoccur.

I guess you're right, Jon. English is very ambiguous.


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