[Gonville] Changing the font name and font family?

• Dec 17, 2014 - 19:49
S4 - Minor

Gonville is an existing font created by Simon Tatham for Lilypond http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/gonville/
The font we currently have in MuseScore should probably be called by another name at least internally since the graphic aspect is the same but the two fonts are very different in term of registration, glyphs order etc...

We did the same with MScore <-> Emmentaler.

Prompted by this remark on SMuFL mailing list: http://smufl-discuss.50501.x6.nabble.com/smufl-discuss-Re-JSON-tc605.ht…


Proposal (my comments)
1. Suite (too general)
2. Score (too general)
3. Gootector (this already describe someone :)
4. Sinfonia (already used by a font http://www.fonts.com/font/intellecta-design/sinfonia/regular)
5. Scherzo (already used for a font family by linotype http://www.linotype.com/158401/scherzo-family.html)
6. Partita (already exists http://www.bayard-nizet.com/Sites_pol_en.html)
7. Partitura (reserved by Gootector for his future(?) font)

What about
After all it's inspired from Gonville.

  1. Partitura (reserved by Gootector for my existing font for NoteWorthy Composer 2 and up).

Maybe will be better when we abandon the name "Gonville". This name is reserved for the original font and be it so... We should use the element of the name; as - "gon" or "ville".

For example:
With "new" (Gonew) sounds stupid (in my opinion):
- Gonouveau (fr)
- Gonuovo (it)
- Goneue (de)
- Gonowa or Gonova (pl)


  • Villenouveau
  • Villenuovo
  • Villeneue
  • Villenew (sounds better than Gonew)
  • Villenowa or Villenova


  • Gootville (with element of my nick :D :D )

Not sure if Gootville is a good choice. A more distinguishable name would eliminate any future confusion with Gonville. It's why this name change is happening in the first place. So let's spare ourselves future trouble?