Win Xp Pro Export failure

• Dec 19, 2014 - 17:23


Testing new MuseScore 2.01 Beta
with Win XpSp3 Pro ,
I found that it does not export
Xml Music files,midi files or Pdf files.

With Win 7 32bit Pro these exports were ok.

Best regards


Can you be more specific? Please psot the score you are having problems with, the exact series of steps to reproduce the problem, and describe what specifically goes wrong when you follow those steps. Perhaps you are simply not aware you need the File / Export menu (preivously there were erroneously in Save As)?

I too run XpProSp3 32bit, and over the past hour, have tested many scores in Musescore 2.01 Beta, exporting to XML, Midi and PDFs with no problems.
Possible a system problem, or the score itself.
As mentioned in a previous post, posting the score would be helpfull.

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