Edits to the new 2.0 handbook

• Dec 23, 2014 - 06:18

This is my first look at it. I may duplicate others' notes. My notes will be primarily spelling/grammatical.

On the main page under Text I suggest adding a Headings item. The new capability there is a big improvement over 1.3, but I struggled to find and use it initially in Beta 1. A description would be helpful.

Under New Features:
Views avalable : continous view and Views avalable : navigator (link to basics)
Correct spelling: available; continuous
Layout and formatting (some option have changed, and new "apply to all parts" feature)
Should be options

On http://musescore.org/en/node/36161:
Below the image of Instruments and Voice Parts
The instrument listed by default are
Should be instruments
but you can choose another list of instruments as
Should read instruments such as
Type of staves are usually standard
Should read is usually standard [verb (is) agrees with subject (Type), not object of preposition (staves)]
Under Add linked stave to an instrument:
(as "tablature" for exemple)
Correct spelling: example
you can choose wich type of
Correct spelling: which
stave do you want
Should read stave you want
Under Key signature:
use your mouse to move up or down.
Should read down). [closing parenthesis required to match opening parenthesis in previous line]
Under Time signature, pickup, and number of measures
Two graphic images overlap; the one behind, for Title, is barely visible [at least in Firefox]
Otherwise, you can add,
Delete the commas; it reads better without them

On http://musescore.org/en/node/36126
Under Coloring of notes out of an instrument's range
normal range of an instrument, are marked red
Delete the comma
Smal notes
Correct spelling: Small
They might be used in some cadenza
Might better read a cadenza
1. Select the note(s) you want from small size
Might better read in small size
you can change note size (or chord one if revelant)
Might better read you can change individual or chord note size
Else correct spelling: relevant
You can change all little size proportion
Better: You can change all small size proportions
in Style -> General -> Size
The item reads Sizes, not Size, in the program
Note : Small ticked in Note part of Inspector will not change stem (or other related not elements) size(s), but in Chord Part of Inspector : stem, beam and flag sizes are reduced to small too.
Should be completely rewritten. Suggestion:
In the Inspector, Small ticked for notes reduces only the note head size; for chords it reduces stem, beam, and flag sizes also.
Else at least change related not to unrelated
Under Note properties
Note (and relatives) section
Not sure what this is saying, but (and related items) may be better
for a note or seletion of notes
Correct spelling: selection
Under Note changing (with no rhythm change)
either with mouse and keybord
Better: with either mouse or keyboard [also note spelling correction]
you can either use transposition
Better: you can use either transposition
(see Accidental, Respell pitches
Add closing parenthesis

On http://musescore.org/en/node/38491
Under Properties accessed via right-click, below the Measure Properties graphic
in your score.... Be carefull
Correct spelling: careful
In discussing staff properties below the Instrument Name dialog box
space beetween lines
Correct spelling: between

This is enough for now. Perhaps more later. Please read and spell check carefully.


Thanks for that!
Just go ahead and fix those, I think every logged on user can, or am I wrong here?

I've now applied those corrections.
I'm sure many more are needed ;-)

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@Gerald Thank you for sharing your corrections. You are indeed invited to directly add corrections yourself to the handbook by clicking on the 'edit' tab on the top of each handbook page. No worries about doubts. We can always revert an edit afterwards. Welcome on board!

In reply to by Gerald Reynolds

Yes. The Mac keyboard's Alt equivalent is Option. I just went and changed it, but now I'm wondering about that Ins key the article says to use to insert a new measure. That key doesn't exist on a Mac keyboard, and it has no counterpart, either. Is it necessary to code in an alternative keyboard shortcut?

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In http://musescore.org/en/node/35946 under Text the volta being discussed is supposed to be numbered "1.-5." as stated above and illustrated below the screen shot. But in the screen shot itself it says only "1."

And the next screen shot also says only "1." in the text box and "1" in the repeat list, while the description says that the repeat list should read "1,2,4,5,7" (and presumably the text should say the same).

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I'm finding numerous places where a screen shot in the text is not clipped cleanly, and what was behind it on the screen at the time it was captured appears as part of the image. I suggest that these should be cleaned up. In Windows a good way to cleanly capture a dialog box is Alt-PrtScr.

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