MuseScore R2636(nightly build) and Jack 1.9.4 for windows

• Jan 25, 2010 - 11:37

I have MuseScore R2636 and Jack 1.9.4 for windows installed.
I run jack with the following parameters
- jackd.exe -S -R -X winmme -R -dportaudio -r48000 -p1024
MuseScore can't be seen in the jack patchbay. When I configure MuseScore via "EDIT" and "I/O" I can deselect "use internal synthesizer" but after restarting MuseScore the option is again selected.
Is it my fault ? thanks for any hints.




What's your purpose?
I tried the nightly with Jack 1.9.3 on windows and I can process the audio output or play the score with the MIDI synth of windows. Maybe it does not work with 1.9.4.

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