"Export Selection" File menu option

• Dec 26, 2014 - 02:27

If you wish to save just certain selected measures to a separate score, there is an item under the File menu in MuseScore 2.0 to "Save Selection…" . But the only option is to save it as an MSCZ file.

Either all the possible formats MuseScore supports should appear, or there should be an additional "Export Selection…" option.


I notice that nobody seems to care much about the idea, so I'm going to give an example to make what I mean more clear and incidentally give the post a bump.

Suppose you have a score that's 120 measures long, and there's a certain 16-bar segment that you want other people to listen to and tell you what they think. You want to export an MP3 of those 16 measures.

You can't do it!

Sure, you can save the selected measures to a new score and then export that entire score to an MP3. Or you can export all 120 measures to an MP3 and then crop off the extraneous seconds in Audacity or something, I guess.

But this is really an absurd situation.

"Save" always only supports one format - MSCZ (well, two if you count MSCX). So if there are to be other formats, they would belong in "Export". Currently, this option doens't really work the way you'd want anyhow - it's a still a score of the original length, the unselected measures are just empty. So I suspect an "export selection" would similarly be disappointing. It would require a much more complete implementation of this function, I think.

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For such a program capable of such complex tasks I cannot understand why it is so complicated to put in an export selection option especially when it would be so useful. I find the work around tedious and bulky in terms of organisation. I hope that Musescore can program this option at some point.

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It’s not complicated, it’s just not something that gets requested very often, and thus far, none of the people who would like to see the feature have volunteers to implement it (which is how things generally get done in the open source world). Hopefully someday someone will come along with the right combination of motivation, skill, and free time and will make it happen!

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