Printing Issue 2.0 Beta 2

• Dec 27, 2014 - 00:06

When printing from File>Print I get a duplicate of the score. If I export to PDF and print I get something different. See two attachments.

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I assume you are on Windows Unfortunately there is a known bug in the Qt libraries we use for PDF generation (and many other things) - see for example #41981: All spanners with wavy lines and dynamics marks are failing when exported in PDF format, or For now, the workaround is to install & use a third party PDF utility like PDF Creator or CC PDF (both of which I have used successfully on Windows, where many programs, including Finale, long lacked a way to create PDF directly). Hopefully the bug in Qt will be fixed soon and we'll be able to incorporate it into a nightly build when that happens. Actually, I understand Qt has already fixed the bug; we're just waiting them to release an updated version with the fix.

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Thanks Marc.
How will I know when this fix is integrated into the software? Does it come by a nightly build? I have never used these builds. I read the page on how to download and use them but am not sure how they effect my downloaded version. I also note these builds have no reference as to their content.

I installed PDF Creator and as you stated it works fine. A word of caution to those reading this post. Use great care when installing third party software. You might install undesirable or unwanted software even though you decline them in the installation process. If you proceed, I recommend you check your program list for unfamiliar entries and your task scheduler.

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