add instrument middle of piece.

• Dec 27, 2014 - 16:49
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i know that there is solution for hidin empty staff. But problem is when compose for orchestra there have to be div. for example 2 flute same staff flute I and flute II is another staff. it's mean 3 staff for flutes. if go on like this all for orchestra i have to open 36 staff. after i write all then hide staff. it's very hard to write. may be after section break we can make new insturmantion. also we need that between movments.


What you are asking for can be easily done using different voices on the same stave.

If you have the two instruments on different parts (using your example a 1st flute and a 2nd flute), you will have something that looks like what is below.

Two Staves.jpg

Instead, if you go to the top of the screen and find the numbers 1-4, you can select to have a different voice (the default is voice 1).


If you select 2, you can begin to input a second line of music onto the same stave.

Which will give you something like this - which could be the first and second flute parts together on one stave.

Same Stave.jpg

You can do this with up to the 4 possible voices:

3 Voices.jpg

Although, with four voices though I tend to not do much more than 3 as shown as it does begin to get a bit crowded and it may be easier to split this into two staves with two.

Next time you have a request like this - you may want to consult the MuseScore handbook first, or post into the MuseScore Discussion Facebook group if you are a user.

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If you wish to stop having the (for example) second flute playing, you can simply not put on a second voice, instead of having to worry about hiding any staves - instead they will share the same stave the whole way through.

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I wouldn't be in a hurry to close this. Sure, there are ways of getting the job done, but it's still a worthy feature request to consider some day.