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• Dec 28, 2014 - 18:49

How do I enter my Copywrite in 2.0 Beta 2?


Best opportunity is same as always - in the wizard that shows up when you first create a score. But if you wish to go back and add or edit it later, see File / Info. You can also / instead edit the footer itself in Style / General / Header, Footer, Numbers.

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Thanks Marc,

I have never used the Wizard as I use the same template for all my scores (a few exceptions).

Lets say I have started a score and want to add my copywrite. If I use the File>Info, how do I add the copywrite symbol? The text characters were always a plus for me.

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In the new
To a note or rest, add a system text , F2 (or the alpha not the left down corner of your screen) to see all special caracters , select all in the window , in the middle of all caracter will e copyright with legend 0x000a9

to add it to footer or header, you can copy and paste it in Style / General / Header and footer
in that page the symbol could also be shortcut with $C on first page only or $c on all pages

In File Info you could also add the copy paste of the symbol in Copyright tag... ;)

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Not sure what you mean about the wizard. Even when creating a new score from template, you still go through the same wizard. Unless maybe you mean you aren't using a "real" template but are instead simply opening a score then resaving. That works,. but it's more work and less effective than putting that score in your Templates folder and using the wizard. Just move the score to the Templates folder, then when you do File / New you are prompted for title, copyright, etc, and given an opportunity to choose your template, plus select the key, time signature, pickup, length, etc.

Unfortunately, you'll have the same issue regarding the copyright symbol. Many keybaords have a way of generating that symbol - eg, Alt + 0169 using the numeric keypad if you have one. Otherwise, you'll need to copy and paste it in from elsewhere. i find it easiest to leave that character out at first, then create a text later that contains the symbol, then copy and paste it into File / Info. Kind of a drag, I would agree, but it's kind of the fault of OS and keybaord manufacturers for not providing an easy / standard way of generating this symbol. Why should each application have to provide their own workaround?

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If you never used File / New, then as I said, you were never actually using templates. That's the *only* way templates work. You were presumably simply copying scores. This works, but of course, you have to set up the key signature, time signature, and so forth manually, plus edit the title and other basic text individually. Using an an actual template - which again, is only doable via File / New - just simplifies that process.

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