Rehearsal Mark Beta 2

• Dec 29, 2014 - 16:49

I notice Rehearsal Mark has been added to the palette. Maybe it was there before and I never noticed it. I'm guessing it can be dragged from the palette and added to a selected measure with a corresponding letter. Is it intended to be used more than once? If so, I can get only one application.


No problem here, I can drag as many to the score as I like and they are automagically sequenced A, B, C. You need to drag them to a note or rest though.
In the special case of being applied to the 1st note/rest in a measure, they'll center to the starting barline.

FWIW, here is how it should work:

When adding a rehearsal mark via the palette, you should get auto-sequencing behavior. That is, if you are adding a new rehearsal mark after all other rehearsal marks, it is automatically filled in with whatever the next letter would be. If you are inserting between two existing rehearsal marks, then it chooses the next letter in sequence if there was a gap (eg, inserting between F and H gives you G), or it appends a number if not (eg, inserting between F and G gives F1). This is true whether you select a note and double click the palette icon or drag the icon to the note. On the other hand, if you use Add / Text / Rehearsal Mark or its shortctut Ctrl+M, you get a blank box ready for you to type.

After you have entered your rehearsal amrks using either method, if they get out of sequence because you've added, deleted, or moved things around, you can run Edit / Tools / Resequence Rehearsal Marks to fix them up.

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