End bar doesn't inhibit key signature:

• Feb 2, 2010 - 00:08

Hi everyone again!

As you can see in the image, when I write a key signature after an end bar, it still shows the courtesy accidentals to inhibit the old key signature. I find that this behaviour is wrong, since end bar should mean the end of everything related to the piece (scale in this case). Is there some setting to disable it or it is a bug?


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I think I'm having the opposite problem. I am copying a hand-written piece for a junior band, and there are a lot of changes in the key signature. If I switch from any key with sharps to any key with flats (or vice versa), the new key signature includes the unnecessary 'courtesy' naturals. However, when I switch to C major, when I want to see the courtesy naturals as a reminder to the students, they aren't there, and they can't be dragged from the drop-down key menu. Is there a way I can put them in ?

alkayata, and End bar shouldn't necessarily inhibit a courtesy key signature (for example a Fine measure in the middle of the piece). However MuseScore doesn't need a method of turning off courtesy key signatures for at the end of a movement for example. Maybe a combination of End Bar and Horizontal/Vertical Frame should be the trigger?

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Oops. I just reread my comment. Where I said "MuseScore doesn't need a method of turning off courtesy key signatures " I meant "MuseScore does need a method of turning off courtesy key signatures"

A property of the key signature would be a good way to deal with this.

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Hi robert!

That's very original and tricky! It's exactly what I want to do. However, I think it's only a temporary solution. Imagine I write a book of small pieces...

But it's fine to be able to do it, thanks!

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