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• Jan 4, 2015 - 01:46

I'd like to have all my whole notes centered in their respective measures, but MuseScore 1.3 doesn't do this by default. Is there a setting I've missed that will force this behavior? I don't want to have to reposition all my whole rests manually if there's a way to avoid it.


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Thanks. Apparently I misread what the handbook said. I was trying to select the whole rest itself and delete it, which in fact had no effect.

P.S. I'm thinking that the reason I had whole rests instead of full-measure rests was that the file was imported from MIDI. Does that make sense? If so, and it still works that way in 2.0 (which I haven't yet downloaded), then perhaps there's a potential enhancement request here.

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It does make sense; there are lots of things in 1.3 that could result in whole rests being used where measure rests are more appropriate. Copy and paste is another. Feel free to post the MIDI file you are concerned with and someone will probably volunteer to check it using a 2.0 beta or nightly build if you don't feel like installing it yourself.

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But what if you have two voices on the same staff and the lower voice, for example, has a whole measure rest while the upper voice is playing music? The problem I have is that I can't just select the measure and hit Del, as this results in the upper voice also being deleted.

...Okay, just found the solution in MuseScore 3. On Mac: select rest, then command, shift, del

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You wrote: 'I'd like to have all my whole notes centered in their respective measures'.
If you are referring to whole note positioning compared to full measure rest positioning consider this:
In 4/4 time, a whole rest consumes the full measure and is positioned at the measure's center. The entire measure is silent. In comparison, a whole note's 'attack' (plucking a string, hitting a key, etc.) occurs on beat one, so the whole note is positioned closer to the left barline. After the attack, the note sounds (or it can decay) for the following three beats - represented by the empty space to the right of the whole note (and before the following barline).

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