How can I change the size of a (non alphabetic) symbol?

• Jan 4, 2015 - 23:25

I found the symbols for the organ pedal heel/toe in the symbol palette, but they are really big, and I didn't find any way to change their size. How can I make them look a little prettier?


When asking for help, it always helps to post the score you are having trouble with and say what version of MuseScore - what build if using an experimental pre-release build of 2.0 like one of the beta or nightly builds - and what OS you are on. And then describe precisely - step by step - what you are doing.

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Ok, thanks. The problem is common to 1.3 and 2.0 beta2 (German). OS is Windows 7.

In the uploaded score you will find only one note and a symbol (pedal heel 1 added from the palette opened with Shift+F9), which is in 1.3 really small (see score "Symbol13") and in 2.0 very big (see score "Symbol20). And I looked for a function to change their size - but without success.

As a circumvention Jojo Schmitz now suggested to change (in 2.0 beta2) the font from Bravura to Emmentaler, where a subset of symbols exists with a smaller size. This helps now, but I think it would be a good feature to be able to change the font sizes for symbols individually as it is possible for alphabetic characters, too.

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I believe the intent is that the symbols in Bravura and Emmentaler are sized correctly as is - you don't similarly expect to resize clefs or noteheads, for example. If you want something resizable, you enter it as text. So that's how to do this if you wish one of these symbols but at a non-standard size - create text, and use the F2 "Special Characters" palette to enter the symbol into your text. That the regular font controls become available. That said, I think that trying to add symbols like this from the F2 is a bit like finding a needle in a kaystack. It's overwhelming enough adding them from the Symbols palette, but the organization of the "Special Characters" palette makes this harder.

Thank you very much, it is tricky, but it works!

(Therefore I hope, that Emmentaler [it is the name of a german kind of cheese!] is good for most of my scores.)

BTW: 2.0 beta2 is great!

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