Can't Put Images Into My 2.0 Scores

• Jan 4, 2015 - 23:58

I recently created a score with Musescore 2.0 and when I tried to put an image on my score the usual way, nothing happened, as if it won't drag over into my score! Anyone else having this problem? Also, if anyone knows, when will we be able to upload 2.0 scores online, it wouldn't let me upload my new 2.0 score. Thanks.


Images in 2.0 scores must be attached to notes or frames. So drop on a note, or create a frame and use the right click menu depending on how you want the image positioned.

Upload of 2.0 scores will be possible when there is an actual 2.0 :-). Maybe at some point before, but right now, there are just experimental pre-release builds (eg, beta and nightly). I think it makes sense to wait until there is no chance of further incompatible changes.

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