Set default velocity (for drumset instruments/notes)

• Jan 11, 2015 - 16:51

It is quite often the case that certain samples/notes/instruments within soundfonts are notably louder or quieter than other notes/samples in the same soundfont and for this reason it would be very helpful to be able to configure the default insertion and playback velocity of specific instruments within the MuseScore drumset editor.

This feature would spare the user from having to do lots of editing, either of notes under the Musescore inspector or editing soundfonts to boost or diminish certain sounds, improving MuseScore's playback and preview capabilities. Maybe it would work better using relative (like +20% velocity, 0 being 64) values rather than absolute?


It's a good idea, would make a natural addition to the drum set editor.

Meanwhile, though, maybe we should focus on getting good defaults in the soundfont we ship. I believe there seems to be a perceptioon the bass drum is too quiet in comparison to other drums. For that matter, I have noticed trombones are louder than other winds (other soundfonts often have them too quiet!). I assume it is not that big a deal to make this sort of change, if someone were to compile a list?

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Hi Marc

I thought the standard bass drum sound was too quiet too. I've so far only been testing MS v2 for writing drum notation so I can't comment on how the default soundfont fares for other instruments comparatively. I've created a custom drumset soundfont to work around the current lack of velocity defaults.

Do you think there's any chance this could make it into 2.0? I wouldn't have thought it would be a big or invasive addition.

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We're getting close enough to release that we really don't want to make UI changes at this point unless really necessary. UI changes that would be to work around what are basically bugs seem especially questionable to me - better to just fix the bug. So if it were up to me, I'd rather see the soundfont tweaked. But that's just my opinion.

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This request isn't just to work around shortcomings in the default soundfont but to work around shortcomings in soundfonts in general and also to improve MuseScore's playback capabilities.

Ideally, I'd like to see the default soundfont fixed to not require different different default velocities under usual circumstances (if possible) as well as a default velocity feature being added for those who want to tweak volume levels without the hassle of editing (replacing and adding) soundfonts.

I can understand why you wouldn't want to add any new features late in the beta phase though so maybe this could be added in 2.1?

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If you'd like to see different default velocities in the default soundfont, then feel free to edit it.

I have begun to work through and get the perceived volumes at 100 velocity similar, but it is a colossal undertaking.

You can get the editable sf2 version from my Dropbox account - see this post in the Sounfonts forum.

Just make sure you copy me in on any changes you make so that we're both not re-inventing the wheel :)

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I don't know the tools that would be required and don't have time to deal with the learning curve. But I would suggest we not go crazy tweaking everything. Just get the most glaring problems spots. As far as I am concerned, if it were nothing but bass drum and trombone, I'd be happy. I guess maybe someone once said something about snare drum too?

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Hi ChurchOrganist

That does sound like a big undertaking and its not something I have time to help with right now unfortunately.

Seeing the default velocity levels balanced would be nice but it definitely wasn't the focus of my feature request as I don't even know if they are unbalanced - I just know the default bass drum is bit quiet and that currently if I was unhappy with any levels I'd need to edit soundfonts which is not what I want.

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