Inspector to show Instrument type?

• Jan 15, 2015 - 12:49

I make a lot of use of MuseScore's ability to do an Instrument change mid-score; but I can't always remember which instrument I chose at the various change points :(

I wonder if it would be possible, when I click on "Instrument" in the score, for the Inspector window to show what instrument was selected at that change; even better would be the ability to then select a different instrument if required from the Inspector window - a bit like you can already do, say, with the velocity value for a Tempo mark.


I suggest to edit the "Instrument" text to the name of the playing instrument.

Changing the instrument from the inspector would be possible but has to fallback to the instrument dialog as the list of instruments is to long for a combo box. This will not speedup the editing.

Keeping in mind the primary purpose of MuseScore being for notation, it indeed makes sense that you change the text - how else would the human musician who eventually reads the score know what instrument to switch to?

But in any case, you can see what instrument you have switched to the same same you set it in the first place - right click the text and go back to the Change Instruments dialog. It will show the current instrument. Although I guess this doens't work if you didn't truly change instruments but instead merely changed mixer entries. In that case, you could still derive the info by ging back to the mixer and looking at the entries - they should be listed in order.

Or, of course, you could simply click notes in the score to hear for yourself what sound is being used!

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All understood - I realise my current application of MS is a bit unusual! I only have 5 instruments - all organ variations - so the list isn't long and it's not always obvious by listening to a few notes which instrument it is. But editing the "Instrument" text is fine.

Edit: I keep forgetting how useful the "custom palette" is! There's a simple solution - I can create a custom palette with the 5 differently-named "change instrument" instructions and then use the one I need at any point in the score ..... sometimes I'm just slow ;)


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