Apply style template when importing MusicXML score

• Feb 9, 2010 - 18:35

When importing a MusicXML file into a score, I would like the resulting score to pick up a series of default style elements, such as fonts for lyrics and chord names, staff spacing, and the like.

Is there a way in MuseScore to:

Apply a style template to a score after it has been initialized via the import of a MusicXML file?

Establish a default style template that should be used whenever a MusicXML file is imported?

Are there any other ways to automate the setting of various style elements to a score?

Thanks for your help.

Ken Parrish
aka: EulerOperator


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Thanks for the response. It kept me digging and I found how it works. Style | Import ... and Style | Export ... appear to do what I want. These save or import style parameters to a .MSS file in the Styles sub-directory.

So, in my case, since importing a MusicXML file doesn't involve the use of a template file, what needs to be done is to open my template file, Export the style of the template to a .MSS style file. Then, after opening a MusicXML file, Import the .MSS style file that I previously saved and it will be applied to the new MuseScore document.

This should also allow me to 'tweak' and improve my custom style file and 're-apply' it to other scores that I have created. In my case, in addition to importing MusicXML files, I have a growing library of jazz vocal charts to which I would like to re-apply my refined style parameters. This should do the job.

Edit | Preferences | Import ... function allows one to take a .MSS style file and make that the default preferences. This sets the style preferences for newly created charts, etc. I believe this will create the same result, with the effect of making the style the default preferences.

Between templates, style files and default preferences, there appear to be a variety of approaches to setting styles depending on the needs your environment. If I can determine a 'best practice' amongst these, I'll publish it here in this forum.


Ken Parrish

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