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I'd like to tell me if the glissando notation presented in the following picture could be written in Musescore 2.0 beta 2?

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For the first bar, that's not actually a glissando per se; it's a "fall". MuseScore 2.0 has direct support for these in the Arpeggios & Glissandi .

For the second, there is currently no direct support for cross-staff glissandi, but indeed, you could use a line that you position manually. It is likely that glissandi will become more flexible in the future, perhaps before the release of 2.0, perhaps shortly after. Not sure if cross-staff glissandi in particular will be supported, though.

Meanwhile, you can also fake this by entering a very high note in the bass clef at the end of the measure - so high it appears in the treble clef - and connecting you gliss to that. Then hide it, enter another note in the treble clef, and a rest in another voice in the bass clef. Personally, I'd just use the line,

Another way to fake it (in 2.0, at least) is to place two notes the same in the Bass Clef and one note in the Treble Clef. Click on the first Bass note and click on the Glissando. Click on the second Bass note, press F8 and make it invisible and set its Vertical offset to -14 or so.

In 1.3 you can achieve a similar effect by double-clicking on the second note and using the arrow keys to move it.

Only works where the glissando goes from one note to the next without rests in between them.

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