Inivisible parts?

• Feb 14, 2010 - 00:31


I searched the forum and looked the handbook, but I did not find an answer. Is it possible to have a part which plays but it is not displayed/printed?

The application in my case is a B.C with harpsichord and violoncello: only the 2-staff keyboard part is written, but the bass line is also played by a bass instrument (it may also be useful for extracting the bass part).

I tried to add a Vc part copying and pasting the left hand kbd staff notes and making anything of it invisible, but it still takes room (a blank space) on the screen and on the paper; also the vertical line at the beginning of each system remains as long as if the Vc part was still there.

Also: I made the part invisible with the "Bar properties" right-click menu and it became really invisible; this is not very convenient if some change has to be made to it.

Any better suggestion?



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First of all, I know we are a little pushing the envelop: MuseScore is above all a scoring programme and only secondarily a playback programme.

If I understand correctly, you propose to set up 2 parts for the continuo: 1 for the kbd right hand (assigned, say, to harpsichord in the mixer) and 1 for the bass line (assigned to cello in the mixer).

During playback, only an approximation of the B.c. would be played (the kbd left hand is missing), but for checking the entered text it would acceptable.

For part extraction, one would both
* combine the 2 parts in a single keyboard part (I never tried this, but I assume it to be possible if you are suggesting it)
* extract the single bass part.

What I'm not sure about is printing (and screen display): can the two parts be combined in a single grand staff?


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I was thinking of a normal keyboard grand staff plus a staff for cello. The cello staff would be doubling the bass clef of the harpsichord. Isn't that what you wanting to hear during playback?

I only mentioned File > Parts if you wanted to create a score with harpsichord only or cello only.

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David Bolton dixit:
I was thinking of a normal keyboard grand staff plus a staff for cello.

This is what I started with! But it is not the way things are done usually. Usually, works for (one or more) solo(s) and B.c. are printed this way (you probably know it very well, but maybe someone else doesn't):

  1. score with all the solo part(s) and a grand staff for the B.c.: the harpsichordist usually plays from it
  2. separate part(s), one for each solo; each solo player plays from it
  3. separate part for the B.c. 'left hand', which is the original bass line written by the author: the bass player (cello, bass viol, bassoon, whatever) plays from it.

In the best of the possible wolds, I would like to arrive at a MuseScore score which:

  • prints as in 1.
  • allows to extract parts for 2. (easy) and for 3. (less easy?)
  • sounds as in 1. + 3.

Is it possible at all?


P.S.: in the best of the better worlds, the separate part in 3. above would also contain the continuo figures added to the grand staff; more and more complex...

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I've been trying to explain, if you have both the normal keyboard grand staff plus a staff for cello, you can use File > Parts to create number 1 (create a part with everything except the cello staff). Of course you can also use File > Parts to create 2 and 3 as well.

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