All pages separately (important for PDF)

• Jan 24, 2015 - 20:40

I am trying to find the answer for following.
I am creating score for SATB choir. In Musescore odd and even pages are "connected", "glued". I understand it's for printing purposes. But it also generates problems. I put crescendo which goes from odd page to even page and then I save score to PDF. The crescendo looks really bad. The break of crescendo (between pages) starts and ends with no respect to margins and system (staff).

Is there a way to separate odd and even pages (now they are connected)?




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Hey Jojo-Schmitz

My bad. You are right, when using the method from your link, "Shift + arrows method", crescendo is being "splitted" correctly. I was using mouse to drag and extend (de)crescendo for following notes. In that case it was wrong.

Thank you, I realize I should read the manual for this more carefully...

Have a nice weekend. One more time thanks!


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