musescore don't install

• Jan 26, 2015 - 08:06

With vista o.s. the version 2 beta 1 run without problems,but with version beta 2 i can not install.
There are some solution?


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Where did you get the portable Beta 1 from? I've not seen it having been published anywhere.

What happens if you download the .msi file and then double-click it?

Anyway, morre than month and quite a good amount of bug fixes later a current nightly build might be the solution, esp. for you, as this also is sort of a portable version in that it doesn't requite any Installation, so you could carry it around on a thumb drive

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The portable version i made myself.
It i double click n msi file don't happen nothing.

The nightly build are ok.
Could you confirm that the last version of it is the beta 2?
In the program under about musescore is not visible the version beta but only the version 2.

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