Automatic system dividers

• Jan 26, 2015 - 16:27

I mean the symbol on this picture:
Is this feature implied in version 2.0 beta? If not, very many conductors and orchestrators will benefit from it. So please add it.


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Good question, the relationship between the forum and issue tracker is not always clear.

The forum is a good place to discuss ideas. In particular, the feature request forum - where we are now - is a good place to discuss ideas for new features, to reach some sort of consensus on whether the feature is needed, how it should it work. But it is easy to lose track of these discussions. They aren't deleted, but neither is there a way to mark which discussions led to which conclusions, which ideas ended up being duplicates of existing requests, which ideas ending up being rejected upon further discussion, which ideas ended up being already implemented, which are still awaiting implementation, which might be postponed until a future release, etc. So that is the function of the issue tracker. Once one has a very clear concept for the new feature, one can post to the issue tracker so there is a permanent record of the feature request and its status.

The same for bug reports - if you see something that may or may not be a bug, may or may not already be reported, or may or may not already be fixed in more recent builds, the forum is a great place to discuss this. Once it is clear the bug is real, not alreqady reported, and still exists in the current builds, then you post to the issue tracker.

BTW, I am not actually saying the forum *must* be used first. If you are already quite sure a feature request of bug report is not a duplicate and is still valid in the current builds, then you can certainly file it directly to the issue tracker.

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