Trouble hiding trills

• Jan 26, 2015 - 21:43

[Just FTRI - I did read most, if not all, the forum notes on trills and shrinking hidden text space and didn't come up with an answer, so I'm asking. :-)]

Using MuseScore 1.3 Revision 5702. Windows 7 64-bit host.

I have a couple of pieces with trills that I've entered into MuseScore. We use the player to help students practice their parts against other students' parts, so it's important that trills be played out. I realize the player does not play trills directly - no problem there. Following instructions given in tons of forum posts I entered the trills using hidden notes. They play as expected, but... The hidden notes take up space in the score - even if I turn off invisible notes via by unchecking "Display>Show Invisible". Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Here's specifically what I do:

  1. Create the measure with the "normal" notes, including the note that starts the trill.
  2. Add the trill notes themselves as a second voice.
  3. Select the trill notes and set them to "Invisible". They turn gray as expected. See Pict01.png
  4. Uncheck the "Display->Show Invisible". The notes disappear but the space they take up does
    not. See Pict02.png,
  5. Also when it's printed the "extra" space shows up. This seems to directly contradict other documentation which says that invisible stuff takes up no space in final printouts.

Can anyone explain how to make this work? I see other pieces with it correct, but I have no clue how they do it. :-(!!

Side note: I was unable to select the trill notes as a group and gray them out in one step. What I ended up having to do was select the group, right click on the flags, select "Set Invisible", select the group, right click on the heads, select "Set Invisible", right click on each stem individually, select "Set Invisible". Nothing I could do would select the group of notes and set them all invisible at once. Even selecting the individual notes I had to do head, stem, and flags individually. Is that always the case with notes?



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Normally I'm more interested in appearance than playback and I now use current builds of 2.0 but I went back to 1.3 and had a go as I think I've done this once before. Selected all the notes, made them small, made their leading and trailing spaces -10, then made them invisible and then adjusted the stretch for the measure. Maybe worth exploring this or a variant of it.

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