Musescore v2 beta 2 on Windows 7 and Avast antivirus

• Jan 27, 2015 - 10:34

After completing a score (i had 36 instruments into it) i've tryed to create all the parts at the same time. Musescore crashed. I've tryed to reopen Musescore from the shortcut but i've got the message "executable not found" so i went into Musescore 2/bin folder and the executable wasn't there.

I've uninstalled Musescore v2, cleaned up the system and tryed to reinstall. The executable was still missing! Then I downloaded the last Nightly build, extracted the folder, and the nigtly.exe was missing from the extraction. I realized it must be something related to Avast antivirus.

I've add an exception rule for Musescore 2/bin/musescore.exe and reinstalled the beta 2, now everything seems fine.

Conclusion: i don't know if it was the crash to trigger the antivirus reaction or if it was a antivirus update that see musescore as a potential dangerous element. You may want to investigate it.


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