Corrupted File

• Feb 18, 2010 - 20:09

Saved file, closed MuseScore, and when I opened it up again a few days later, it was still openable, but had note fragments and measure fragments all over the place. I don't remember if there was anything in particular during those few days that may have caused this.

I have both the stable 0.9.5 and beta 2674 release running on Mac OS 10.6.2; is it possible that attempting to open a file created by the beta release with the older version could corrupt it?

The corrupted file is attached; I don't have any backup versions of the file.


Yes it's very possible.
Opening an old file with a more recent version should be OK. But beta version are beta versions.
Opening a recent file with an old version is most likely not working and can corrupt your score.

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