Finder crash caused by editing filenames in Finder while open in MuseScore

• Feb 18, 2010 - 20:15

I had a corrupted file, and in my desperation to try and recover it, I tried to see if I could do anything with the temporary version saved by MuseScore (It appears as a hidden document with the same name; I assume it's the temp copy that gets restored if MuseScore suddenly quits). So, while the file was opened in MuseScore, I changed the name of the file, getting rid of the prefixed period that marked it as a hidden file. It didn't do anything, so i changed it back. Nothing out of the ordinary at that point, but a minute later, when I tried to alt-tab into Finder, it had crashed, and I couldn't escape except by force-restarting my laptop. I don't think it was an independent crash on the Finder's part, considering it's only crashed once a year on average (but I suppose it could be a coincidence)

Running Musescore 2674 beta on Mac OS 10.6.2


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