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• Feb 1, 2015 - 02:20

Perhaps the title isn't the best descriptor; I know how to make parts. My problem lies in this: oftentimes, composer scores will combine, say, the 2nd and 3rd clarinet or the 2nd and 3rd trumpet, but they will have separate parts in the band. Is there a way to do this in Musescore, short of manually re-writing the parts?


So you have a score with, say, one staff for clarinet 1 and a 2nd staff for clarinet 2 and 3, using voices and want to generate 3 parts from it, one for each clarinet?
Untested, but the following should work: generate a part for clarinet 1, then generate 2 parts from that combined staff, name clarinet 2 and clarinet 3. Now in the clarinet 2 part hide alls notes and rests from voice 2, also make the silent. Then do the equivalent to the clarinet 3 part, hide all notes and rests from voice 1 and make them silent. Last you may want to flip stems of the remaining visible notes, so it looks like only one voice being used.

Edit: tested, works that way, almost: flipping stems would also flip them in the score, so better not do that.

But then again, I think this may be a bug, stem direction to me is related to layout and as such should not propagate between score and part. And flipping a note head to the other side of a stem indeed does not propagate, neither does changing its offsets.

Also you may need to make the invisible notes stemless, or make their stems invisible too.
Also their accidentals, slurs, ties.
Might be a good job for a plugin, going thru all elements of a voice and make them invisible

I suspect this to be a case common enough, at least in MuseScore "power using", to be worth an actual Feature Request in the Issue Tracker. From the coding perspective, the problem seems enough well defined and enough deterministic to be approachable.

I believe such a feature could help spreading MS in the music copist communities.

Make a new stave for each Voice (2 new staves for this example).
Select what you want to split.
Run the Voicecaster Plugin.
Copy/paste each stave from the resultant score.

It's rough, it doesn't do higher than 4/4 time and I'm not clever enough to rewrite it for MS2.0.

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