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• Feb 3, 2015 - 20:51

i want to get a linebreak within a measure (not at the end). See attachement. How to achive this?
I use Musescore 1.3.5702 on Linux Lubuntu 14.10

Thank you for all hints,

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This is done by entering it as two separate measures, using Measure Properties to set the Actual duration to 1/4 and 1/4. Then hide the barline.

Marc explained how to do it, if needed. My suggestion is to spend a moment to evaluate if there is really the need to do it: incomplete measures make the task of the performer harder, a very good reason is needed to inflict this on him/her.

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"I think in this case it is duplicating a song layout"

In general, the source may have a good reasons to do what it does and this reasons may apply or not to the copy one is doing (potentially on a different page size, with a different scale, ...); or the source may have no visible reason.

"it also flows with the lyric breaks"

Which may be a perfectly good reason to keep the arrangement. My point was that a source should never taken as it is blindly, re-evaluation of its choices in the new context are always wise.

"Hymnals use these kind of split measures all the time, and I find no difficulty playing them.": lucky you! I do have difficulties with split measures; sometimes harder, sometime lesser -- it mostly depends on the complexity of the rhythm in that point --, but I always have to route some of my "brain CPU" cycles to re-assembling the full measure rhythm, and this additional task should be motivated by some good reason.



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FWIW, as a *musician* I personally find these breaks awkwards and hard to read. But I don't think that is likely to be true for the average churchgoer reading from a hymnal. They are more likely to be focused on the lyrics, singing the melody by ear/memory. It makes some logical sense to break lines at natural phrase breaks - after all, that's probably how you'd do it if printing the lyrics alone. Eg,

Away in a manger,
No crib for a bed

and not

Way in a manger, no
Crib for a bed

FWIW, in 2.0, it gets easier to create this notation, as there is a comamnd to split measures at a selected note and it automatically fixes up the Actual durations.

Thank you for all comments.
The post of Marc was the solution to my problem.
Background: in my case (a kanon), the "voices" start with a upbeat and
the starts of the "voices" have to be at the beginning of each line. See final score in attachment :-)

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