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• Feb 5, 2015 - 12:03

Maybe I just can't find it, but there should be a page containing all the threads I'm subscribed to.
This is typical in forums.
One may not care about emails for subscriptions' updates but just want to manually check every now and then such a page.


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I've had the experience before here of something being inaccessible by direct link, though I don't remember the details now.

Currently - on a related note, as this could be an example of the same dysfunction - I feel frustrated that I cannot modify my user profile here. All apparent links take me instead to musescore.com, but I'm referring to my musescore.org profile - in which my platform is identified as Windows XP and my occupation as Performer. That information is 5-1/2 years old, but I can't find a way to update it!

Also interesting to me is that at musescore.com - the destination of all visible links ('Dashboard', 'My Profile', 'Settings') - I can't even find any fields to specify 'platform' or 'occupation'!

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Thanks very much for the update, Thomas, but there still seems to be a disconnect between the database at musescore.com and what is revealed when one's username at musescore.org is clicked on.

From musescore.org, I explored the Dashboard and Settings links and found that they still bring me to musescore.com - where I did change my Musical Interests from 'Performer' to include both 'Performer' and 'Transcriber'.

Unfortunately, no change was made to what still appears when I click on my own username now in musescore.org:

stevebob msorg profile screenshot.jpg

When I click on the link there called 'stevebob musical profile', it brings me to the spot pictured below - where, on musescore.com, the change I made (i.e., including 'Transcriber' in addition to 'Performer') is shown. For some reason, though, it's not getting through to musescore.org - and, FWIW, there doesn't appear to be any way at musescore.com to change 'Platform' at all. (I'm no longer a Windows XP user, and I'd like to be able to see that changed to Windows 8.1.)

stevebob mscom music profile screenshot.jpg

Thank you for keeping me apprised of ongoing work on the issue. I'm grateful!

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