Newbie: changing font of existign stave

• Feb 5, 2015 - 14:45

Hi, do you know how change all the lyric font of an existing stave?
I have tried to findd answer but it is not obvious.#
Thanks, K


In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Hi Jojo,
I have done that but I cannot see 'apply to similar'.

I should say, I have ammended the font style of both odd and even lyric lines to 'calibi' from default (sans serif ?) .

However, when I open the mosic score, it is in the default font.

When I select the single syllable, (right click), edit element, select a new style, (the font chnages) then select the old style again and the font stays as the new font.

However, when I right click over syllable, 'select all similar elements' or 'all elements on same stave', then change style, nothing happens. It does not change the font.

The above is for 1.3; in 2.0 builds you would right click, Text Style, and make the change there. I don't know that there is currently in 2.0 builds an easy way to make the change just for one staff.

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