Saving Chords To Midi File

• Feb 6, 2015 - 05:47

I have all the Chords in the Sheets, but how do I save them to the midi file to import into a DAW ?


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Since midi files basically specify note-on and note-off events for specific sounds, at the very least you would have to indicate not only the instrument, but also the chord inversion/voicing/rhythmic timing for each of the chord symbols in your sheet.
The chord names you have notated only represent a vague map of the song's harmonic structure. You must flesh them out with real notes and durations for a DAW to actually play them. (If MuseScore can't play it, there's a good chance that a midi export won't work either.)

Now, looking at your example (which needs a time signature somewhere):
You could enter notes - for instance, quarter notes on the beat - for each of the different chord names and then just copy/paste wherever else that same chord appears throughout the score.
Play it back using MuseScore, then export to midi.


There is a MIDI meta event for chords, but it will not write the actual notes to the sequencer.

If you're lucky it may print them across the top of a Stave view.

We would need to rewrite the MIDI export to include this, and IMO it is nbot worth the effort simply to display the text chord symbols.

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Also more here:

"This tutorial will show you how to write a program that creates MIDI files of guitar chords by processing text files. Although I wrote this in Objective-C and the GUI is built using Cocoa, the MIDI algorithms could easily be applied to another language or platform. Essentially, this program scans a text file to look for a chord or some other symbol that it recognizes. Then it translates that into MIDI format code, and continues parsing until it reaches the end of the file. "

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