Auto-select notehead and stem together?

• Feb 9, 2015 - 19:18

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but hopefully someone can help. I'm a music theory teacher. I'm trying to hide several pitches in a theory worksheet, and I've noticed that I have to select the notehead and the stem separately and hide them both. As you can imagine, this is extremely tedious. Is there some way to have Musescore default to selecting these together? Maybe this is a bug? If not, could this be something that goes through in the next release? I'm on Musescore 2.0, revision a925ae0.




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Yes, thanks. I have figured out a few ways to make it work for me. Still, all a little tedious.

I'm curious: why doesn't the program default to selecting noteheads and stems together? This *must* be a more common task than selecting them separately, right?

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OK, but now if I want to select the notes and stems of in a single voice (say, the alto part of a SATB chorale where soprano and alto are on the same staff), it doesn't work as you suggest. If I shift-click the note, it will then select all the notes in that beat. If I right-click > Select > More ... > Same Voice, it still only selects the note heads, rather than the note head and stem.

I'm able to to this, which is *closer* to what I want:

right-click stem > Select > More ... > Same Voice, check "add to selection"
right-click note head > Select > More ... > Same Voice, check "add to selection"

Any way to make this process easier?

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Maybe if you describe the overall goal of what you are doing, we could suggest an easier way of doing it. Why specifycally do you want to hide all noteheads and stems of voice 2 in this score? Seeing the actual score & context would help.

As noted in my comment referenced above, MuseScore makes a distinction between "note" and "chord", and the stem is part of the "chord". In the specific case of marking something invisible, it is indeed likely to be true that you want the whole chord invisible, but a lot of the other things you might want to do with a selection really are just about the notes, not the chord as a whole. Ideally, it would be easier to select whole chords when you want, but for the most part, it is possible and not difficult, depending n the specific goal.

If you want to select *all* chords in a region, just select the whole region. That will get chords - meaning notes & stems together - along with rests and everything else. "V" will then make *everything* in the range invisible - chords (notes, stems), rests, other markings too.

If you wish to limit it to just one voice (as you seem to want to) you can exclude the other voice from the selection using View / Selection Filter (F6). You can also exclude any other markings.

To select just a single chord (note & stem), Shift+click with nothing else selected usually does the trick, because it creates a range of a single time position.

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