SVN under Windows unreliable since a week or so (kind of OT)

• Feb 26, 2010 - 10:30

My setups (on a dual-boot machine, so the underlying machine and network link are the same):

Windows XP (SP3)
Qt SDK 2010-02
CollabNet svn client 1.6.3 and then 1.6.9

Ubuntu 9.4
Qt SDK 2010-01
CollabNet svn client 1.6.5

On both OSes, I usually use svn directly from a command line and/or from the Qt Creator SVN menu items and I had no problems. Since a week or so, most attempts of using svn under Windows result in long waiting times and then failure (time-out?) with the error message:

svn: PROPFIND of '/svnroot/mscore/xxxxxxxx': SSL negotiation failed: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

where 'xxxxxxxx' varies (the latest occurrence being for instance: "!svn/bln/2782"; often it is simply "trunk").

Occasionally (bur very rarely), the command succeeds; this applies to both co and update (the commands I use the most) and to other repositories in addition to mscore. All the repositories I access are on SourceForge, though. Upgrading to the latest CollabNet client version (1.6.9) did not change the situation.

This only applies to Windows; under Ubuntu with the same repositories there are no problems (so far, I have used svn under Ubuntu to update the Windows-side musescore source code, as it is on a disk shared by both OSes, but I don't like it very much...).

Anybody else experienced something similar and/or has any suggestion?



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Thanks for the replies. No, no proxy, no significant task in background (beyond the OS processes, which I anyway trimmed down to a reasonable minimum when configuring the box a couple of years ago).

The strange thing is that it used to work and suddenly (almost) stopped: I can't see what has changed; I suspected some XP updates, but in this case it should statistically show up in other machines too. I'll try a different client.

Anyway, thanks for answering.


I finally solved the problem using a different client. TortoiseSVN seems to work.

But I do not like the fact it cannot be used from a command line; I'll see...



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Thanks for the suggestions and for the hints, but I don't think so, as update sometimes does work and co works most of the times.

I also tested SlikSVN, which is built on CollabNet SVN and exhibits the same problems. OTOH, Tortoise do not use the CollabNet library and works. I suspect there is some incompatibility between my SSL setup (which is the default XP setup) and the CollabNet library.

Anyway, I'll stick to Tortoise for the moment being.


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